Cedar Sidewall Shingles

When it comes to beauty and design, cedar wood siding has a natural beautiful look that is unrivaled by any other material. Cedar sidewall sideing provides a custom crafted aesthetic with all of the advantages of strength and low maintenance that you want for your homes siding. If you’re interested in making your home stand out or boosting your homes curb appeal with a warm, natural wood siding appearance, cedar siding from Island Maintenance & Remodeling is your best option.

We provide high-quality cedar siding installation for homeowners in Newport, Portsmouth and throughout South County Rhode Island.

Benefits of cedar siding:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Cedar siding provides a classic and unique appearance for your home exterior. No other material is as effortlessly beautiful as real wood!
  • Weather resistance: Cedar wood siding is naturally water resistant, capable of withstanding everything from moisture damage and rotting to damage from insects and pests.
  • Protective finish: Cedar siding can be treated with stains and finishes to prolong its lifetime and create a custom look.
  • Environmentally safe: Cedar is an environmentally-friendly and long-lasting material. It will also help you cut back on your heating and cooling bills through better energy efficiency for your home.
  • Property value: If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market in the future, a cedar siding replacement can make all the difference in boosting resale value and marketability.

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